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Siobhan & Robert Ballymagarvey Village

A wonderfully relaxed Wedding at Ballymagarvey. Siobhan and Robert enjoyed every minute of their big day. I loved all the little details they added especially hanging plenty of family photos with mini clothes pegs. So cute! img_0051 img_0077BW img_0211 img_0614BW img_0803BW img_0819 img_0888 img_0894 img_0907 img_0919BW img_0930 img_0943 img_0954BW img_1034 img_1039 img_1040BW img_1058 img_1236 img_1239 img_0776img_1249 img_1259 img_1274 img_1382 img_1394 img_1395 img_1398 img_1401 img_1411 img_1424BW


Jen & Mark Ballymagarvey Village

Jen and Marks St.Patricks day Wedding was a pleasure to photograph. Their ceremony was in Curragha church followed by reception in the beautiful Ballymagarvey Village. I fell in love with the colour scheme here, so soft and romantic, definitely one for Pinterest i think! img_0009 img_0020 img_0038 img_0053 img_0067 img_0068 img_0093 img_0098BW img_0104 img_0114 img_0139 img_0185 img_0186 img_0203 img_0212 img_0214 img_0223 img_0233BW img_0249 img_0271 img_0274 img_0304 img_0318 img_0326 img_0331 img_0335 img_0346 img_0351 img_0352 img_0374 img_0379 img_0406 img_0411 img_0442 img_0449 img_0462 img_0475 img_0493 img_0506 img_0521 img_0522 img_0523 img_0528 img_0557BW img_0563 img_0612 img_0719 img_0727 img_0759 img_0793 img_0800 img_0831 img_0948 img_0950 img_0961 img_0966 img_0970 img_0997 img_1009 img_1015 img_1016 img_1022 img_1032 img_1038 img_1042 img_1054 img_1057 img_1058BW img_1073 img_1086 img_1096 img_1110 img_1125 img_1132 img_1134 img_1186 img_1195 img_1201 img_1204 img_1206 img_1213 img_1220 img_1336 img_1337 img_1349 img_1360 img_1371 img_1373 img_1390 img_1428 img_1437 img_1451BW img_1497 img_1498 img_1500 img_1522 img_1523 img_1533 img_1540 img_1541 img_1544 img_1546 img_1561 img_1570 img_1622 img_1627 img_1633 img_1644 img_1646 img_1650 img_1653 img_1656 img_1660 img_1673 img_1681 img_1682

Maureen & Peter Wedding in Crosschapel Blessington

A sneak peak from Maureen & Peters Wedding in Blessington. Please find list of suppliers at the end.

img_0764BW img_0784 img_0880img_0846 img_0855 img_0859 img_0797

Church music – Sirona Strings. Amazing!
Videographer: Precious Memories.
Hair – Dee (no idea of surname but she is assistant manager in Peter Mark in Naas) 085 1002241. She is a lovely person and is so so good at what she does. Also really good value!
Make Up – Ruth (Dee’s friend!)  085 176 2757.
Cake: Claire Murray. A true trooper. She made that cake 9months pregnant and the baby is ready to pop! Her website is Chantilly Cakes. Number 087 3443422. She actually worked in a place in London that made cakes for the Queen and Cherly Cole but is opening up her own business here.
Dress: Bridal Heaven Swords. Mori Lee 1862
Bridesmaids dresses: Bridal Heaven Swords: Dessy D478.

Ballymagarvey Village Donna & David


I had the pleasure of photographing Donna & Davids Wedding in Ballymagarvey Village recently.They were a dream to work with and really got into the spirit of the day. The weather gave use a tiny window of opportunity to get out and take advantage of the wonderful surroundings. As always Ballymagarvey wowed the guests with its warm, informal atmosphere and hospitality. Thanks to all who made the day so perfect for these newlyweds.




Flowers by Sweetpea and Thyme http://sweetpeaandthyme.ie/


Makeup by Ruth Lawlor http://www.ruthlawlormakeup.com/index.htm


Hair by Ruth O Neill (ruthoneill7@yahoo.com.au)

img_124 img_212 img_241 img_028BW img_173 img_358 img_067BW img_322 img_400 img_364 img_355BW img_383 img_430 img_574 img_618 img_715 img_798 img_798BW img_830 img_873 img_910 img_923BW img_924 img_932BW img_936 img_937BW img_942 img_947BW img_956 img_991 img_991BWcrop img_993 img_995 img_998 img_1005BW img_1006 img_1010 img_1020 img_1023 img_1035BW img_1038BW img_1046 img_1054 img_1054BW img_1057