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Engagement shoot with Monda and Jonathan

Jonathan’s mom and sis decided to treat Monda and Jonathan to an engagement shoot. We got lucky with the weather and managed to squeeze it in before they headed back to Canada. They were so sweet and i wish them all the best for their Wedding in Canada . Hope you like them and ill have a disc with many  more on the way to you soon! img_002 img_007 img_044 img_054 img_059BW img_073 img_095 img_097 img_116BW img_124 img_131 img_132 img_137 img_152BW img_161 img_164BW img_167BW

Tips for Winter Wedding

If you decide to have a Winter Wedding you should take the dark evenings into account. You may have seen lovely soft, natural, romantic photos on Pinterest and other sites that you have fallen in love with and would like to recreate. To achieve this look you require natural light. If this is important to you

  • try not to have your ceremony too late. 1pm is a good time as it still leaves you time even it kicks off a little late. From experience Weddings never start on time.
  • have the ceremony and reception in same location. This saves travel time and avoids delays due to road conditions and other external factors.
  • if you are having a church Wedding, make sure it is not too far from the reception. You don’t want it to be dark before you even get there.
  • try to plan your morning and aim to be in the dress for a certain time. It can be quite emotional seeing yourself for the first time as you prepare to leave. The earlier you are ready the better you can deal with these emotions. You don’t want to be a blubbering mess as you rush out the door late.
  • Don’t forget your photographer will be leaving ahead of you to get photos of the groom and groomsmen. Discuss this with them. If you are ready in good time you will be able to get some beautiful portraits done beforehand. This saves time later too.

The bride below was in her dress an hour before she had to leave. This gave us plenty of time to take some relaxed bridal portraits. She was also very calm and able to enjoy her morning.

img_0311 img_0308 img_0309img_0321 img_0333BW