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Engagement shoot with Monda and Jonathan

Jonathan’s mom and sis decided to treat Monda and Jonathan to an engagement shoot. We got lucky with the weather and managed to squeeze it in before they headed back to Canada. They were so sweet and i wish them all the best for their Wedding in Canada . Hope you like them and ill have a disc with many  more on the way to you soon! img_002 img_007 img_044 img_054 img_059BW img_073 img_095 img_097 img_116BW img_124 img_131 img_132 img_137 img_152BW img_161 img_164BW img_167BW

Engagement shoot with Fiona & Keith

Another wonderful day for a shoot. It was St. Annes Park Raheny where i met up with Fiona  and Keith. Really enjoyed this and we got some lovely shots. Heres just a few i downloaded earlier.








Engagement shoot Jenny & Mark

Heres a selection of photos from Jenny and Marks engagement shoot in St.Catherines Park Lucan. They really were great to work with and enjoyed every minute of the shoot. The trick is to interact with each other. Chat away, plenty of kisses, hugs and you can’t go wrong. Great practice for the big day!! img_035 img_047BW img_070 img_082 img_129 img_135 img_137BW img_140 img_148BW img_167 img_205 img_213 img_287 img_289 img_313

Emma & Chris Phoenix Park

I met Emma and Chris for the first time today.They work in Dubai and are organizing their Wedding from there. For the engagement shoot we decided on the Phoenix park. It has some great spots for photos and i’ve have this image in my head for a while. I always find having a few simple props can make a image. The blanket worked a treat here. This is a sneak peak but ill get more from the shoot up soon.extra_167B